Google San Francisco

From Beat poets to the Summer of Love to the original Burning Man, the City by the Bay has been an epicenter for people looking to change the world. At Google San Francisco we’re keeping the tradition alive, with engineering and sales teams empowering users with new ways to create, communicate, and do business.

Working at Google San Francisco

Take a look at our San Francisco office, complete with incredible views of the San Francisco Bay and easy access via public transportation. Hear about the opportunities San Francisco Googlers have to learn, do new things and bring their whole selves to work -- and how their colleagues help inspire them.


Our engineers have worked on products including Search, Gmail and Chrome, as well as internal workflow and productivity tools.

Our sales Googlers work with agencies and advertisers big and small to help them achieve their marketing goals.

We’ve launched products including App Engine, Flu Trends and Wallet.


Number of San Francisco Googlers: The same as the number of ways ten people can line up so that only one has a taller person in front of her

Some of our conference rooms are named: Vertigo, Cole Valley, Too $hort

Distance to the Raygun Gothic Rocketship on the Embarcadero, in meters: 640


Google San Francisco
345 Spear Street
Floors 2-4
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 736-0000

Inside Google San Francisco

Nestled in the shadow of the Bay Bridge, Google San Francisco is our urban outpost in Northern California. From killer engineering projects and sales teams to slides and photo booths, we put our own characteristic San Francisco spin on Googleyness.

Our engineers work on products like Search, Gmail, Chrome, App Engine and Wallet, as well as infrastructure and workflow and productivity tools that help Googlers around the world do their jobs. Our sales teams help agencies and advertisers big and small engage audiences using Google products, whether they’re sitting at their desk or accessing our services on-the-go. We also have significant teams in marketing and real estate & workplace services.

We do it all from our office in the landmark Hills Bros. Coffee building. LEED Gold-certified and just around the corner from the Embarcadero, it features awesome views of Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge, plus free, secure bike parking in the basement and a “taco cam” that makes it easy to check out the queue at the Mexican food truck across the street.

When it comes time to have fun (and it comes often), we have a game room, a slide between floors and a photo booth. Our Googlers play Assassins, hold office Olympics with events like the cafeteria-tray luge and get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream during building fire drills. We go on off-sites to Giants games and local wineries, hiking on Angel Island and ice skating at Justin Herman Plaza.

Want to do work that affects hundreds of millions of people, right in the heart of one of the world’s greatest (and most beautiful) cities? Get in touch with us today.

We look out on the San Francisco Bay, walk to Giants games and are near great bars and restaurants. It’s no wonder people couldn’t stop smiling when we first opened our doors.

- Gretchen Howard, Sales Director

Google San Francisco: Frequently Asked Questions

What makes San Francisco different from other Google locations?

There’s a lot going on here. We’re a big office with Googlers doing a lot of different things, but because we’re in a single building rather than spread out across a sprawling campus, we’re close-knit and collaboration is easy. Because we’re in the city rather than the suburbs, we have a distinctly urban feel – but with the Googleplex just 45 minutes away, popping down there for an important meeting is no big deal.

What kinds of work do San Francisco Googlers do?

Our engineers have worked on products like Gmail, Chrome, App Engine, Vault, Knowledge Graph, Wallet and Payments and internal tools like our customer relationship manager, tools for analyzing massive data sets and our system for tracking questions submitted by users. That’s on top of our work in security, compliance, vendor billing and payment systems and site reliability. Our launches have included Google Open Source Programs Office, Flu Trends and Wallet. On the sales side, we have teams working with agencies and major advertisers in retail, financial services, technology, travel and education, as well as local advertisers. And we have a bunch of Googlers working in other areas, including marketing and real estate & workplace services.

How do San Francisco Googlers have fun?

We have holiday parties in cool venues like the Maritime Museum, and do things like sail on the Bay, hike in Marin and play kickball in Golden Gate Park on off-sites. We get groups of Googlers together to go to local happy hours. We’re right near the ballpark and the Ferry Building, so getting to Giants games or out for a gelato is a snap. We head to the cafeteria when we’re hungry. Sometimes when we’re not, too – especially for the amazing Left Coast Chocolate Chip Cookies, which have fleur du sel baked on top. We bring our dogs to the office and hold signs up to the windows to trade messages with employees in the building across the street.

How does Google San Francisco help the local community?

Through GoogleServe, we do things like partner with HandsOn Bay Area to beautify local schools and iProspect to help out at Alemany Farms. Through Citizen Schools, we invite under-served kids from across the Bay Area into our office, where our Googlers teach them about everything from robotics and marketing to web design and healthy eating. Through Google Cares-SF, we partner with local nonprofits and do things like visit middle and high schools as part of National Engineers Week. Members of our Black Googler Network do things like work with The Center for Music National Service to commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We showcase local art in our cafeteria, and invite the artists to the office to talk about their work. And we hosted a debate in the most recent San Francisco mayoral race.

Have you had any notable visitors to Google San Francisco?

We’ve hosted all sorts, from Mayors Gavin Newsom and Ed Lee to designer Isaac Mizrahi. We’ve had public-radio host Michael Krasny, novelists T.C. Boyle and Paolo Bacigalupi, food writer Patricia Wells, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Dexter Filkins and Dana Priest, political operative David Plouffe, comedian Jeff Garlin and Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

Are there any notable Googlers in the San Francisco office?

Guido van Rossum invented the Python programming language. Dennis Hwang was the first designer of Google Doodles. And Allen Mask is probably the tech industry’s most accomplished rapper.

Life at Google San Francisco

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